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  • Chipotle


    This is the subtler brother to the Huatees Spicy Lime. The pride of the Chipotle bunch lies in it’s lovable, and recognizable, Chipotle-flavored shell, which makes the perfect pair for a peanut—who would have thought?

  • Original


    The most traditional of the Huatees bunch, the original flavor is the nut that (thankfully) started it all. This recipe, which shines for its sheer simplicity, works effortlessly to enhance the natural flavor of the peanut, with a twist. The Huatees Orginal flavor boasts a mildly salty shell, that is toasty and crunchy, and just when you think you’ve tasted it all, you’re hit with the subtle sweetness of agave. Try them, you’ll like them.

  • Salt & Lime


    Everyone loves salt and lime, pair that with a crunchy-shelled peanut, and you have a bit of savory bliss. Pair these tangy and surprisingly refreshing Huatees with a cold beer, or just place them in a bowl to share with friends, and you will see why this is our most popular flavor.

  • Spicy Lime


    Feeling a little nutty? How about grabbing a bag of Huatees Spicy Lime to give your taste buds a wild, yet enjoyable, ride. The toughest nut of the bunch to describe, the Spicy nuts are smoky, a tad limey, of course crunchy, and with just the right amount of fire to set it apart from the rest.